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It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn

Well folks, it would seem that the feces has hit the oscillator for our four-legged friends of the frontier. There is a brewin' up a $hit$torm of Biblical proportions for our majestic National Treasure, the American Equid (mustangs and burros). After decades of mismanagement by the Bureau of Land Management (as a former desert rat, it seems as if the BLM can't do anything right), Trump's lapdog Congress has codified their ineptness into law in yesterday's (May 1, 2017) STFB: short-term funding bill. It seeks to strip American equids of their 1971 WHBA protected status and reclassify them as "work animals" thus opening up a Pandora's box of abuse, slaughter and neglect issues already perpetrated by the BLM. This has Jason Chaffetz's stink all over it.

And while I did genuinely gasp after reading this article from AWHC who has done the heavy lifting to get some protections in place into said spending bill, I channeled that panic into what y'all see here- this website. Aside from preparing the marketting for Covenant and feeling really weird about making a website for a book that is still being revised (oh no, that means I actually have to finish it and it'd better be good or else), I really want this website to be the place for people to learn and get involved in saving and protecting the future of the American Mustang.

Join the fray and save the day! Make 5 Calls right away! Navigate back to my Just A Moment To Save A Life and click on the link to learn how to effectively make your voice heard. Technically, this issue falls under the "Controversial Rider" link (available at the time of publication of this blog piece). You can use that basic script and then add your own details. While you're there, ask them to support the SAFE Act HR113. It is, in my humble opinion the only way to shut this horse slaughter pipeline down for good. Soooo, two birds.

Having phoned several representatives about HR113 to good effect, I believe that calls are better than emails and faxes. It's a more personal touch...imagine if they used Skype! Ay chihuahua!

I will make this short because I really really really need to get back to these d@mn revisions.

Toodles for now